Purple Passion Asparagus Bare Root Crowns
Purple Passion Asparagus Bare Root Crowns

Purple Passion Asparagus Bare Root Crowns

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  • 20% more natural sugars than green asparagus!
  • Less Stringy than Green Asparagus
  • Non-GMO
  • Heavy Yields
  • Complete Planting & Care Instructions provided

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You always pay a premium at the grocery store for asparagus but commercially grown asparagus can’t compete with the flavor of homegrown!  Purple Passion is the asparagus connoisseurs delight!  With 20% more natural sugars than the typical green varieties, Purple Passion is often eaten raw before it even has time to be cooked.  On top of the extra sweetness, because there  is less lignin (woody fiber) in the vascular bundles they are much less stringy than traditional varieties allowing you to use the whole spear and waste less!  Once cooked the burgundy color fades and produces a deliciously sweet mild nutty flavor.  Purple Passion also freezes well.

Grown in USDA zones 3-8, a well cared for asparagus patch will produce for 15-25 years!  One of the first spring vegetables to be harvested in the garden, Purple Passion asparagus can be harvested for up to 8 weeks before the plants start to go to seed.  Compared to other asparagus varieties, they emerge later in the spring, which protects them better from frost damage.    A bundle of 25 crowns will plant a 4’ x 12’ bed and once established and well tended can yield 12 to 15 lbs of amazing asparagus.   This variety is resistant to rust and fusarium,  and is tolerant of root and crown rot.

Dig a trench 8” deep.  Spread asparagus crowns over the soil and add a few inches of soil.  Once they begin to grow add more soil until the trench is filled.  If your soil is clay, you will need to add lots of mulch.  Space 12 inches apart  is recommended but many people will space as close as 6-8” apart for more compact spaces.  Once Plants have gone dormant in winter, mow over with a lawn mower. In order to establish asparagus plants, you should not pick any spears the first year. Expect a light harvest in the 2nd year, a larger harvest the 3rd year, and a full harvest in the following years.

Even if you already have a patch of any green variety of asparagus, Purple passion is sure to become your favorite.      

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